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Fabulous, full-body workouts that last from under 10 to under 30 minutes using whatever equipment you have handy (including none)!

It comes to efficiency, over and over.

Personally, I can’t stand fuss. Don’t like digging. Too many steps and I’ll run the other way, bounce right out of it. The chances of spin-off, distraction, or overwhelm increase exponentially the more requirements there are: open this, look up that, no can do.

I know that I’m not alone.

Don’t get me wrong: It feels so good to me to lift weights, to move and strengthen my body in a variety of ways. The act keeps bones dense, blood pumping, muscles growing, and joints easier. Cellular turnover churns and the body becomes a beat with the job of making new, anew. A lovely, lively pursuit.


The getting-going part can be daunting. “Trouble initiating,” was a phrase I read today, which got me thinking about all the many ways that tendency shows up in a crushing swell of overwhelm. Including with fitness. Expectations and instructions. It’s the devil in too many details, so many steps.

And so. We made it one click. One email that has everything you need in one place. That’s Lift Weights Faster Daily.

I’m Jen Sinkler. I’ve worked in fitness since 2003 as a fitness editor, writer, and personal trainer with a deep respect for many different types of resistance training. This means Lift Weights Faster workouts include a variety of entry points and practices and an inviting, well-rounded approach to strength training. The whole point of movement is to find things that you like — and that like you back. We aim for our workouts to be just that.

(For a sampling of exercises, dig into any of the 600+ demos in our free Exercise Library.)

Here’s what Lift Weights Faster Daily subscribers are saying:

“It’s convenient, a great value, customizable, with excellent movement explanations—thanks for an awesome service! I’m a CF coach, busy mom and entrepreneur. This is perfect for me to just get in some movement when I wouldn’t otherwise.”

– Malena  | Asheville, NC

“It’s like having a personal trainer! You open the email, and there’s a warm-up and workout with all the info you need to get it done with proper form. The workouts are tough and can be modified pretty easily to accommodate a wide range of fitness levels. I’ve also been doing a wider variety of moves … It’s just so nice to not have to think about which workout to do!”

– Alison | Philadelphia, PA

“This is an amazing way to get my workouts—I can’t overthink anything … The ability to customize my preferences removes the ability to make excuses. I LOVE IT.”

– Lena | McHenry, IL

Join Lift Weights Faster Daily today for only $12/month and get:

New workouts (you choose how many!) in your inbox every week (start slow and build).

Workouts you can do with whatever equipment you have (maybe that’s none at all!).

Workouts tailored for your skill-level no matter what it is (really!).

Detailed instructions with photos and/or videos for every exercise. Waste no more time searching for how-to info!

Workouts Overview

There are many ways to exercise, all fabulous in their own right. And each of us arrives to anything with our own set of particulars: things we like or loathe to do, will or won’t cooperate with. Wonderful, too. It becomes, then, simply a case of marking particulars.

Mine, as I said, involve efficiency, and not just regarding workout delivery. Even more important is efficiency in training: fast, full-body workouts that get you ready to move just about any direction. Think about the Lift Weights Faster style of training as a way to get the most for the least.

Repeatable patterns, but not exactly the same every day. Variety is the spice, and over time, by accessing the same core movement patterns through a wide variety of exercises, you’re able to build a massive amount of movement competency and strength through broad ranges of motion.

And, though the program is called Lift Weights Faster, the speed is variable, and entirely up to you — the circuit-training style of the workouts can be dialed any direction. When you want to get after it, up the ante by using just a tiny bit more weight, moving a tiny bit faster, or doing a pinch more. Other days, go slower. Turn off the clock and work through at your own pace. Work heavier than usual, or lighter, looser. Choose the pieces that feel best to you. Take note of how you feel, before, during the workout, and after. Adjust accordingly. Day by day, you’re different.

It’s about finding what you LIKE to do, what you WANT to do, what you WILL do.

You select how much time you’ve got, what type of equipment you have access to (from nothing at all to a full gym set-up), and what experience level is right for you, and we’ll take it from there. Workouts last from less than 10 to less than 30 minutes, and include written instructions & demonstrations for every move you’ll make.

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